Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Iranian Cartoonists Win Prizes in Bulgaria

When the word Iranian and cartoonists are put together this to me seems quite an unlikely combination. With the worldview on Iran and Iranian with their regime and ways you would think that expression in this form would be too radical and perhaps looked down upon in their own country. That’s the picture of Iran and Iranians that has been painted westerners’ heads by the media anyway. There is obvious talent in this field and Iranians are just like you and me with humour and personalities. It still sounds strange though.

Iranian Cartoonists Win Prizes in Bulgaria
Iranian cartoonists have been awarded with major prizes at two international cartoon contests, held in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Mohammad Hosseini won the special prize of Bulgaria's Ruse International Cartoon Contest for his work on the theme of 'Together for Security and Peace'.

Doru Axinte (Romania), Daniel Strzelczyk (Poland) and Tsocho Peev (Bulgaria) received the event's first to third prizes respectively.

The jury members included Ivailo Tsvetkov, Rumen Dragostinov, Valentin Georgiev, Volodya Kenarev, Daniela Malcheva, Elena Velikova and Svetoslav Parvanov.

Selected works will be exhibited at the Ruse Art Gallery.

Turkey's Drought and Water International Cartoon Contest also granted its May and June top prize to Iran's Saeed Sadeqi who was followed by Syria's Ahmad Ali and Brazil's Joacir Dias Xavier.

The works were judged by Akdag Saydut (Turkey), Muhttin Koroglo (Turkey), Alessandro Gatto (Italy) and Raed Khalil (Syria).
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