Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bulgarian Social Security Budget On Schedule - No Way!

All over the world the difference in funds set aside for benefits are in great deficit naturally with the growth rate of the population. Even with this in mind Bulgaria’s population has been in decline over the last few decades and what this report hadn’t mentioned is that the gypsy community is one of the greatest areas of payment of maternity benefit. Having lots of children is normal in their culture and put up with. The deficit of social security payment is again is a worldwide problem and practical reforms are difficult if not impossible without the people suffering more hardship when sick or pregnant.

Bulgarian Social Security Budget On Schedule - No Way!
Bulgaria’s National Social Security Institute (NSSI) has handed out about 135 million leva more in sickness and maternity benefits for the first six months of 2009 compared with the same period of 2008.

Pregnancy and childbirth benefits alone paid out from January 1 to June 30 were more than 149 million leva, a 58 million leva increase on the same months of 2008, according to NSSI figures.

The increase is because of the extended period for benefits to 410 days from 315 days last year. Other factors are the bigger paycheques and the increase in the country’s birth rate. The average social security income has surged by almost 80 leva, topping 556 leva in May, the NSSI calculated.

Sickness benefits have grown by more than 30 million leva despite a 137 000 leva decrease in payouts, some of which dates back from last year.

There was also an almost fivefold increase in benefits for raising children of one to two years, after on January 1 2009 the money was lifted to 240 leva from 220 leva a month.

In spite of the billowing expenses, NSSI head Sotir Ushev said the implementation of the budget is going to schedule. The labour ministry declined to say whether expenses have passed the first-half target.

Last year the NSSI’s general sickness and maternity fund ran a deficit of more than 55 million leva and this year has a budget of 639.5 million leva.

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