Friday, 17 July 2009

First Bulgarian Woman Speaker Elected

Well, well, well, this is a change for Bulgaria in a male dominated society. Whether is was done on merit or because it was politically appropriate is not clear, but it now has opened the way for more women in the political limelight and that’s a worry for many Bulgarians (mainly men but women as well) who like thing the way they are with men the dominate force. How long before the first Bulgarian Prime Minister is being asked here now?

First Bulgarian Woman Speaker Elected
The first plenary session of the 41st Bulgarian kicked off Tuesday in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, seeing new parliament sworn in.

Cecka Cacheva from Bulgaria's centre-right GERB party, which won a resounding victory in July 5 general elections, was elected as the first female speaker of the Bulgarian parliament in history.

230 members of parliament took an oath of office, swearing to respect the Constitution and bear in mind the interests of the people. Party leaders in the parliament all pledged to fight corruption and defend judicial fairness.

Hundreds of guests including Bulgarian president Georgi Parvano, other members of government and Bulgarian bishop Maksim attended the ceremony.

227 out of 230 parliament members vote to approve Cecka Cacheva as new speaker, who was previously a lawyer.

Choosing 240 members among 4,652 candidates from 14 political parties and four coalitions, the 41th parliament was the 9th since 1989.

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