Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bulgaria's Koloyan Mahlyanov Undefeated In Suma Contest

Having changed his name from Kaloyan to Kotooshe the talented Bulgarian Sumo star has now won five matches on the trot and remains undefeated with a less than creditable opponent next on the list. Having previously posted about this guy’s sumo skills not so long ago, he is fulfilling not only his stomach but his potential and is feared by many home-based sumo wrestlers in Japan. There is always work for him in Bulgaria as a bodyguard when he retires.

Bulgaria's Koloyan Mahlyanov Undefeated In Suma Contest
Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kotooshu, born Kaloyan Mahlyanov, won his fifth match to remain undefeated at the July Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan's Nagoya.

Kotooshu, who is ranked ozeki (champion), one notch below the pinnacle of the rankings, surged to his best start of the past year by beating Goeido, who is ranked maegashira.

The 26-year-old Bulgarian used his preferred technique, yorikiri, to win the bout. In yorikiri, attacker will attempt drive his opponent backwards and out of the ring, maintaining a grip on that opponent's belt (mawashi) at all times. Of Kotooshu's last 54 wins, 25 came through yorikiri, including three in the current tournament.

In his next bout, Kotooshu will wrestle against maegashira Toyohibiki, who is winless so far.

Grand champions (yokozuna) Asashoryu and Hakuho, both of Mongolia, remained undefeated in the tournament with their latest wins. Ozeki Kotomitsuki is also undefeated.

The tournament runs until July 26 at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya.

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