Friday, 10 July 2009

Polticial Nonsense Talk In Bulgaria

What kind of statement is that? Is anyone in the least interested in political diets? She is talking a load of gobbledygook, but then she is a politician. She then in true fashion goes on to twist figures of unemployment and pensions. I know that pensions have not doubled over the last four years; the pensioners I know here they may have had had a 10-15% rise over the last four years it is inflation that have doubled not pensions. She must be referring to ‘fat cat’ pensions that have bumped up the average that’s the only way this can possibly be accounted for.

Unemployment is dire here and it is just another twist in statistics to look good when compared to other EU countries. Besides which a massive amount of unemployment figures here aren’t on record as cash in hand jobs are the way it works here for tens of thousands. There is therefore no accountability of those who do this and now have no work. The figures Emiliya Masarova gives just aren’t real. Thinking again, perhaps she should stick to talking about her own weight and other politicians.

Polticial Nonsense Talk In Bulgaria
Bulgaria's outgoing Labor Minister, Emiliya Maslarova, said Tuesday she had lost 17 kg since she b became a minister in 2005.

"None of the Ministers has gained weight. I myself have lost 17 kg. The Prime Minister maintains his shape, he does a lot of sports. Minister (of Culture) Danailov has always been a big guy, don't forget that he is an actor, and has to gain weight for some roles, and lose weight for others", Maslarova said Tuesday commenting on the weight of the members of the outgoing cabinet.

The Labor Minister said she was very satisfied with the fact that she had fulfilled her promises in the social sphere. She noted that Bulgaria's unemployment was 7,08%, or 2% less than the European average, and that the average retirement pension had been doubled in 4 years - from BGN 136 in 2005 to BGN 290 in 2009.

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