Friday, 31 July 2009

Bulgaria's Forestry Manager Axed After Evidence Of Corruption

Is this the start of the new tough regime now in power in Bulgaria with a witch-hunt for corruption or just a little sideshow as a token? Boyko has promised to positively seek out and stop corruption in Bulgaria could this be the start of the end? Early days.
Parliament fired Stefan Yuroukov, head of the State Forestry Agency (SFA) on July 29 2009, Bulgarian daily Dnevnik said.

Bulgaira's Forestry Manager Axed After Evidence Of Corruption

Yuroukov was accused of signing 47 orders for land swap-deals in the 10 days after Parliament imposed a moratorium on January 16 2009 and before the moratorium went into effect.

At the time, experts said that the State assessment had priced the land at between 0.24 leva and 27 leva a sq km, while market prices could reach 100 leva a km.

Yuroukov is to be replaced by Georgi Kostov, currently head of the forestry department at the Forestry University in Sofia.

The changes were intended to create an active, open and transparent management of the country's forestry, which currently has the image of being corrupt, a Parliament media statement said.

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