Friday, 24 July 2009

Experts On Bulgaria?

Location of Bulgaria within Europe Experts On Bulgaria?

Everywhere you look in the press and media there is bad press with regard to corruption and organised crime in Bulgaria. Literally hundreds of spin doctors giving their spiel on a daily basis. The purpose of course is to write article that people want to read and bad news is certainly of more interest than good news. Writing about the supposed turmoil in Bulgaria seems to the European topic since January 2007. Most writers of course haven’t even been to Europe let alone Bulgaria and profess to be experts on the country. I have put a map for these people to guide them as to where exactly Bulagria is. Need I say more?

Thirty months after joining the European Union, Bulgaria and Romania are still plagued by widespread fraud, corruption and organized crime, according to a report published Wednesday that also questions the will of political leaders to deliver the necessary reforms.

The hard-hitting judgment from the European Commission listed an array of deficiencies, citing inadequate measures to fight money-laundering, vote-buying, fraud and killings linked to organized crime.

The report said Bulgaria had made some progress in restructuring its criminal prosecution service and recording more convictions over all. It suggests that in other respects, however, not much has improved since 2008 when the commission issued its last stern warning.
The slow pace of change in Bulgaria and the lack of convictions in high-profile corruption cases have served as a potent example of the problems of bringing fragile ex-Communist nations into the European mainstream.

“The capacity of enforcement authorities to deal with high-level corruption,” the report said, “has not increased on a general scale over the last 12 months.”

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